Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Analog November 2008

Average issue. I haven’t yet read the serial written by Robert J. Sawyer (Wake), as I am waiting for at least one or two more installments before starting on it.

64 • Greenwich Nasty Time • novelette by Carl Frederick
An experiment on quantum mechanics and multiworld theory goes wrong.
Good, exiting story. ****-

81 • Cold Fire • shortstory by Alan Dean Foster
A man lost in the artic night is rescued by a trapper who lives with his teenage daughter. Short, nice ”mood” piece. Not too much happens, but nice story anyway. Makes one wish a bit more. ***+

90 • Bug Eyes • shortstory by Richard A. Lovett
Io exploratory rover sees a bug eyed monster. Someone has obviously hacked the data stream - or something. Also nice, entertaining simple story. ***½

99 • Mea Culpa • shortstory by Stephen L. Burns
Writing by using doping. Short short, told as a letter to the editor. Not much of a point, after all. **

106 • Re\Creation • shortstory by Oz Drummond
Antics in the virtual world. A bit jumpy, a bit clichéd story. Not much happens. Writing is fine, but the plot is quite lacking with no real surprises. **

116 • Unburning Alexandria • novelette by Paul Levinson
Trying to save scrolls from Alexandria’s library - and trying to find a cure for Socrates who is apparently somehow, for some reason, somehow been moved a few hundred years to the future. Story doesn’t give enough back-story - it is based to a novel published earlier. It doesn’t really stand on its’ own, there are too many characters for a shortish novella, and it is very hard to understand the motivations of the characters without any prior knowledge of them. Also the idea that a cure for a brain disorder of Socrate’s (which can’t apparently be cured by future medicine) might be found from some ancient scroll is by far more unlikely than time travel itself. **

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