Sunday, February 8, 2009

Neil Gaiman: The Graveyard Book

The latest book by Neil Gaiman. Marketed as a young adult or children’s book, but not really suitable for small children (not that they would necessarily have enough interest to read this.) Tells a story about a toddler whose family is murdered, and who himself escapes death only when the occupants of nearby cemetery take custody of him. Style is very typical for Gaiman, poetic, well written. Story consists separate stories, usually happening a few years apart which are connected to each others by the last (or next to last) story. The occupants of the graveyard are very fascinating as is the main character, “Bod” (Nobody) Owens. The owes a lot for Kipling’s Jungle Book (Something I haven’t ever read), I have read that there even several chapters which correspond each other. There was one early chapter which seemed to be included only because of the Kipling connection, but in the end even that had its’ own function. As a whole pietty nice, readable book.

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