Thursday, March 12, 2009

Asimov on Science Fiction by Isaac Asimov

Collection of essays connected someway to science fiction. The quality of the articles is very variable. A few are good, many pretty indifferent, a few bit strange. Many of the essays are former editorials from Asimov’s Science Fiction, and especially those are pretty short, light, and evidently written quickly without too much thought. Also, same things are repeated several times, especially the early history of science fiction - it might have a good idea not to include so many so similar essays in the same collection.
Especially the review of Orwell’s book 1984 seems a bit strange, as Asimov seems to think that the point of the book is to predict future (where the book of course fails) and thinks that even in totally totalitarian country human spirit would prevail and the government would naturally face heavy opposition and the book fails to appreciate human spirit in its‘ pessimistic world view. Just ask any North Korean about how easy it is to oppose totally oppressive government, or even really realise after lifetime of brain washing, that the government IS totally oppressive.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to double-check the titles against the contents above. I think "A Story With Beans" is the metal-eating bugs.

Tom Ligon