Friday, December 18, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact September 1996

Only three stories as serial takes large portion of the available space in the magazine.
From this on I am starting to use spoilers - but with some protection.

Something on my Mind • novelette by Grey Rollins
A geologist on a survey trip on an alien planet encounters a small friendly carrion eating animal. He takes a habit shooting food for it. The animal turns out to be able capable of mind control, and is using the geologist for its own good. Nice story, maybe a bit too long with fairly unnecessary romance and jealousy subplot. ***1/2
Beyond the Volcano • novelette by Ned Farrar
A crisis manager travels to a planet where all habitation is on a large domed volcano top, the rest of the planet is Venus style of hot desert with CO2 atmosphere. The inhabitants of the place are for some reason making some decisions which might endanger the whole ecosphere of the dome. Now they are planning to destroy a marsh-land area and build a virtual reality park on it is place. Why are they being s shortsighted? They are building control station from where they are planning to terraform whole planet when the current habitat would turn out to be inhabitable, so they is no point of conserving any marsh-lands. Ok story, surprisingly high sexual content for a Analog story. ***+
The Negative Butterflies • shortstory by Laurence M. Janifer
Butterfly flapping its wings may cause a storm on the other side of earth. What if that could be controlled? By making a lot of mechanical butterflies. Stupid, overlong probability zero story, but not named as one. **

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