Saturday, April 3, 2010

Analog Science Fiction and Fact May 1998

Only three stories in this issue. Serial The Children Star by Joan Slonczewski takes a lot of space. I probably won't be reading it.

The Human Touch • novelette by H. G. Stratmann
”Free” hospital treatment by the lowest bidder. Done mostly by robots. Very poorly trained robots. Ironic and funny story, a bit overlong for something which is essentially a rant for poor healthcare. ***-
Yellow and Orange Blues • novelette by Amy Bechtel
”Little Monsters” story. This time one of the ”monsters” has fallen ill, again. Our vet has to find the cure. Fortunately he gets a new assistant who doesn't seem to be daunted by anything minor. As usual pretty good and entertaining, well written story. ***½
The Sword Unswayed • novelette by Stephen Goldin
An alien has been murdered. The main suspect is a human female, who was planning to make a ”pornographic” book with him. The book would have caused an outrage – a book what is written about eating! And eating together! A detective tries to find out who killed the pervert. Maybe a bit overlong story. ***

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