Saturday, June 19, 2010

Analog Science Fiction and Fact June 1998

A below average issue.

Spindown • shortstory by Wolf Read
A far future tale. A woman who has lived for millions of years tries to stop the destruction of a planet which is will be capable of producing intelligent life. Her on-off boyfriend from last million or so years does not want to lose her. I did not truly care for the protagonists. The story might have been a bit too short. **
Cosmic Corkscrew  novelette by Paul Levinson
Time traveler goes back in time to obtain a copy of Isaac Asimov's lost story. Not too bad, but there is nothing quite compelling. ***
Little Differences  shortstory by Ron Goulart
Another time travel story. Continues an earlier one, where travelers from a future where a shuttle accident destroyed a school house try to change the history. The story didn't have enough background, and I was not able to feel for the characters. **½
My Pal Clunky shortstory by Ron Goulart
A man who has created the famous robodog from a big time TV-series get a new chance when the TV series is going to be considered for renewal. The story is a bit too short and fragmented. **
The Guac Bug novelette by Charles L. Harness
A scientist finds a micro-organism with extremely unlikely properties from a meteorite. After that the story can't decide where it is going. It goes from a story about developing a new cure for a serious disease to court room drama to exercise in code breaking. It feels a bit like an outline for a series of stories. **½

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