Friday, October 29, 2010

Analog Science Fiction and Fact May 2007

A very good issue with some excellent stories.
Damned If You Do ... • novella by Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
A ski trip to an off-point mountain hill leads to some strange happenings. The skier seems to have lost some time and some memories, and there is a lump of gold in his pocket. And soon he is chased by men in dark suits. Pretty good, nicely written story. Some action sequences which were somewhat too long and could have been slightly cut in length. The beginning of the story was clearly stronger and better written than the last third.
Bambi Steaks • novelette by Richard A. Lovett
In a divided US where states are "red" or "blue", young people exchange their minds to find out how the other half lives. A yuppie bartender gets to experience the life of a construction worker. Very good and entertaining story.
The Astronaut • shortstory by Brian Plante
A teenage boy, who has always been interested in space, helps a beautiful astronaut's wife in lawn mowing and other chores while her husband is on mission. Very well written very enjoyable and moving story.
A Higher Level of Misunderstanding • shortstory by Carl Frederick
Diplomatic mission has some problems with machine translation and social norms. Light and enjoyable story.

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