Saturday, January 22, 2011

Galaxy Science Fiction August 1952

A serial takes a lot of space. Otherwise fairly average issue.

Surface Tension • [Pantropy] • novelette by James Blish
The adventures of microscopic men on another planet. They are planning to explore things outside of their world, but they have to overcome a serious obstacle - the surface tension above the ponds they live in.  Somewhat old fashionable, but still readable story.
Proof of the Pudding • shortstory by Robert Sheckley
The last man alive is able to create and destroy things by his though - at least he thought that he is the last human, until a beautiful woman appears. A nice story, as most thing by Sheckley are.
Education of a Martian • shortstory by Joseph Shallit
A girl from earth has fallen in love with a Martian. Her father is a racist, thinking that Martian scum isn't good enough for his daughter. She doesn't think so and considers the Martians perfect, philosophical race. She is going to be surprised...well, in reality she should have picked those personality traits beforehand.
 Yesterday House • novelette by Fritz Leiber
A man is sailing on far islands. He happens land on an island, where a beautiful young woman lives. She seems to be stuck on past, reding thirty-year-old newspapers, and is tended by two old women. The solution lies in an unfortunate death, cloning, sibling rivalry and unfulfilled love. A partly childish sentimental and partly stupid story, the writing could be worse.

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