Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cryoburn by Lois M Bujold

I have read a few of earlier Miles Vorkosigan books and I have enjoyed them. However, I haven't read all of them, and there was a fair amount of back-story missing between what I have read and this latest tale. Miles is an auditor who is examining a planet where cryocompanies are ruling. Local laws allow the companies use the voting rights of the people who have been "frozen" and consequently most power is in the hands of said companies. One company is planning to expand on the Barrayar empire's area, and Miles wants to find out if it has any ulterior motives.
The book starts straight from action. Miles is lost on the catacombs which are filled with preserved people. He has escaped a kidnap attempt, but is dizzy and hallucinating from the effects of the knockout gas. He is rescued by a young boy who has run away from home. It turns out that his mother has been kidnapped by a cryocompany and “frozen” apparently for made-up reasons. Why? And is there any connection to

The beginning of the book was very good, writing was fine and entertaining, and the plot moved at good pace. For some reason everything seemed to go in the wrong direction as the book progressed. The writing seemed to be somewhat rambling and too much space was used on two cute kids and their pets. Not the best in the series, but it still was an enjoyable book to read.

448 p

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