Saturday, December 1, 2012

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, May 2001

Not very good issue – most of the stories were more or less boring.

My Favorite Robot • [Maggie & Ben] • novelette by Ron Goulart
A part of the series where a detective whose mind is downloaded to a robot body. Another android (she is a copy of a minor celebrity) has committed murder. That should totally impossible, as androids a supposed to be incapable for such acts. An okay story which is meant as a funny one, but doesn't really work. ***
Wound the Wind • shortstory by George Zebrowski
The practically immortal and completely healthy humans are trying to find the last “tribe” of “wild” humans who live in a forest. They plan to civilize them by any means necessary if needed. A very short story with a slightly ambiguous end. ***
The Heights • [Draco Tavern] • shortstory by Larry Niven
A very short Draco tavern story about aliens behaving rowdily. The story didn’t have much point. ***-
Down the Rabbit Hole • shortstory by John G. Hemry
A man gets drafted to pilot a FTL test ship. He is slightly dismayed that this will be the seventh probe and that there haven’t been any signs of the earlier ones. Of course, a new approach will be needed. Short and very standard story. ***-
The Gift of Unbinding • shortstory by Paula S. Jordan
Canisters which contain personal effects of people living at a space station are ready for lift-off. For some reason there are wide spread opposition up to rioting opposing the launch. There is a lot of discussion concerning that, not much else. The writing was ok, though. **½
Hostile Takeover • [InterstellarNet] • novelette by Edward M. Lerner
Interstellar commerce is based on the exchange of information which is brokered by AI front ends of the different alien races. Almost all computer equipment humans use is based in the principles bought from one certain race. They start to extort humans for new payment for the system with a threat that all computers will stop working. A solution will naturally be found. An OK story, one of the better ones in this fairly mediocre issue. ***

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