Sunday, April 14, 2013

Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

The next book in Thursday Next series. Thursday returns from the book world with her son and Hamlet from Shakespeare’s plays to the real world. She has been away for two years and finds that a character from fiction, Yorrick Kaine is a prime minister and is taking the country towards dictatorship and no one sees anything really wrong with that. The Goliath Company is remodeling itself as a religion for some reason and the best assassin has taken a contract for Thursday. And her husband is still eradicated and no one knows that he has even existed. And there is a prophecy which states that if a local team wins the Croquet match the Goliath Company is defeated and Yorrick Kaine loses his power. If the team loses, the world will end. And there are more than a few subplots in addition… A lot happens in this book and with great pace. There are several jaw dropping moments, when the events are deliciously abrupt and absurd. However, this part was a slight letdown compared with the previous part of the series. The real world – even the very strange real world of this series is a slight letdown after the bookworld and metafictional wordgames which may happen there. This book gives a closure for the series and most of the plot points left hanging in earlier parts are resolved. Of, course there are sequels… I wonder what happens in them.

416 pp.

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