Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde

The story of Thursday Next continues. It has been several years since the events of the last book. Her life has pretty much settled down. She works at a carpet shop and takes care of her family: her un-eradicated husband and her son and two daughters. But there are some slight problems, though. Her son seems to be just a slacker teenager and isn’t at all interested in the career in the time police. That is pretty strange and worrying, as he himself told that he was the keenest and the recruit the time police had ever had and was the leader of the branch of police at early age. And why one of her daughters seems always to be spending time by a friend? And the end of the world is apparently coming. However, there still at least two or three days before the end, so there is no hurry whatsoever to do anything for it. And as the new government has been extremely functional and sensible, the nation’s stupidity (which hasn’t been used on anything) is really starting to pile up, and government might be forced to make some really stupid decisions very soon. And as Thursday still secretly working for Jurisfiction, the “police” of Bookworld, she has to take care of two really irritating new trainees. Both are different – very different- versions of her, who both originate from books which have been written about her earlier adventures.
This book wasn’t perhaps as manically overflowing ideas as some of the earlier books, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, there were more than enough fun ideas and fun and sometimes familiar character to make these extremely funny and enjoyable read. It just too bad that Harry Potter couldn’t make an appearance in the book as he had some copyright problems and wasn’t able to arrive.

416 pp.

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