Thursday, May 23, 2019

City of Ruins (Diving Universe #2) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The second part of the series was once again read during lunch hours and commutes. This time, the “Boss” and his employees/allies have gone to a planet that is known to have the oldest settlements on that area of the Galaxy. They have heard that something strange has been happening in the caves below the main city: people are dying and disappearing for no real reason. Could there be old and dangerous stealth technology at work somewhere?

When they start to examine the caves, they inadvertently turn on some equipment that is still functioning after centuries. Then an intact, fully functioning, very legendary Dignity Vessel appears in the cave, apparently out of thin air, with a full crew who don’t realize that they have missed the last five thousand years.

This is a very entertaining, exciting, and enjoyable book. I finished the last fifth of it in one go (even though it wasn’t a lunch hour.) The end was “happy” but totally open, and I look forward to the next part. It may take a few months before I get to it, Hugo award reading and all…

303 pp.

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