Sunday, June 19, 2022

Hit or Myth (Myth Adventures #4) by Robert Lynn Asprin

Magician apprentice Skeet has more adventures. This time, his teacher, Aahz, is forced to leave the dimension where they have lived for a while due to family matters, so he is left to manage things alone. The King asks for his help - he has some pressing matters to do and needs Skeet to impersonate him for a few days. Well, it would be nice to be a king for a while. At first, being a king is both interesting and boring while solving quarrels between people, but then the future queen arrives. Apparently, there was an agreement between two nations about the sovereigns marrying each other. The future bride is a bit frightening and, according to rumors, a few suitors have met an untimely death so it starts to appear that the king had a very good reason to disappear at just this time... ..and there is no trace of him anywhere. That is a slight problem and troubles don’t get less when a criminal organization demands compensation for some events in the earlier books. Eventually, everything naturally works out and Skeet and  Aahz (who are reunited by the end of the book) get paid by two different parties doing opposite things which cancel each other out - meaning they are doing nothing. Another fine and fairly funny part of the series. 

208 pp. 

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