Sunday, November 9, 2008

Analog Science Fiction and Fact March 2003

This is issue has also a serial by Rajnar Vajra, Shootout at the Nokai Corral. I didn’t read it from this issue, I have read first part earlier and skimmed through the third part and wasn’t too impressed. As a whole pretty nice issue.
Equalization • novelette by Richard A. Lovett
Everything is equalized for everyone by using mind swapping. E.g athletic with a very competitive mind get a bit weaker body, than someone with less will to win. One day a very competitive persons wakes in a very powerful body, as there is a plan discredit the current system with an individualistic, unbeatable hero. Everything doesn’t go according to the plans, of course. Well written, even exiting story. The system isn’t too logical, and it is hard too see how it could have been created. But the story is very good, anyway, I enjoyed even though it told about sports - usually a no-no for me. ****+
The Human Dress • novelette by David Alexander
An escaping religious dictator hijacks a spaceship where an experimental A.I is been tested. Un-human intelligences are of course something god hates…so A.I and ships human crew must take some, eventually drastic, action. Story starts a bit of nowhere - I don’t know if there are some other stories in the series or not. Could have been bit longer, the main characters weren’t introduced well enough. ***
Persistent Patterns • shortstory by Shane Tourtellotte
New thought patterns are written to brain. Method is tested for criminals, but when one researcher wants to heal his stutter, there are some mainly political complications. Why there are so many complications isn’t really explained, however. Not too bad story, however. ***½
The Pristine Planet • shortstory by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
IPR agent visits a holiday planet which has faced several catastrophes. He is able to prevent a couple more, but is used by a scrupulous businessman or something. Not very well motivated story, not very significant in any way, pretty boring. **

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