Sunday, November 2, 2008

Analog Science Fiction and Fact - December 2008

Analog gets a new size, not too different from the old one. Pretty poor issue. I haven’t read the Sawyer’s serial yet, waiting for at least one more part before starting.

Misquoting the Star
David Bartell

Asteroid hit destroys earth, and colonies are established to moon to make the survival of the humanity possible. Continues a story I haven’t read - once again something that doesn’t really stand on its’ own. Some totally silly and unbelievable plot points (if there really are only a few hundred humans surviving, I don’t think that screening process would have been so lax that a HIV-positive person would have been able to get through it.) The main characters are irritating, stupid and not too likeable. **
Moby Digital
Joe Schembrie

Moby Dick virtual simulation goes wrong. All the clichés of virtual simulation stories - you can’t get out of the simulation and it may kill you. (Seems pretty silly way to design one…). Haven’t read Moby Dick, haven’t even seen any of the movies. (Probably should some day - if only to find out why Americans are so fascinated with it - the main plot seems quite stupid, telling about extremely stupid main protagonist). Writing ok, but plot isn’t too interesting or entertaining. ***-
Where Away You Fall
Jason Sanford

Communications are done by high floating aerostats instead of satellites, for some fairly poorly defined or explained reasons. Former astronaut is taking care of one aerostat. Not entirely logical story, for some reason more than a bit irritating. ***-
Rick Norwood

Probability Zero story. Not entertaing, not surprising, not enough prob. zero, too preachy. ***-

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