Friday, January 2, 2009

Analog July 1977

Nation Without Walls • novelette by David Drake
Story about a policeman who examines a murder in a future, where everything is recorded, everywhere. The premise is interesting, especially as the world is going to that direction. However, the writing isn’t engaging. There was far too much description of the future world, not too much was happening. The characters are clichéd, and not interesting, and it was very hard to keep my interest in the story, as the plot itself isn‘t worth much. **
Prodigy • shortstory by Robert Czerwony
Military is using handwriting analysis to find reincarnated military leaders of the past. Pretty stupid and “a bit” unlikely premise, OK as a short story. ***
Caesar Clark • novelette by Stanley Schmidt
Benevolent aliens are moving earth away from the explosion of galactic core. That causes a lot problems due to earthquakes, tidal waves, food shortages and so on. The governing is done by benevolent near dictatorship. There are dissenting voices, off course, but are there any choice for actions which must be taken? Probably best story in the issue. I wonder if there is an earlier part in existence, this seems to start quite straight, from middle of action. The beginning and ending are nice, the middle part is a bit weaker and might have profited from a slight tightening. ***½
Pure Gold • shortstory by Lord St. Davids
Experimental sailing ship starts to collect gold directly from seawater. Story as such is okay, characters, especially the female one, and the romance subplot is a cliché of a high magnitude. ***

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