Monday, January 19, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact March 2008

Pretty decent issue, Asaro’s romantic fantasy was surprisingly good, even if I am fairly far away from intended demographic. I haven’t read the serial by Haldeman yet.

The Spacetime Pool • novella by Catherine Asaro
A young female mathematician is snatched to an alternative reality due to prophecy, which states that she will marry one of two competing brothers, and another brother will die. A lot of action ensues - many kinds of action. Romantic fantasy thinly disguised as science fiction. Surprising enjoyable anyway, well written. Ending is partly open, so there might be more. I am even looking forward to continuation of this story. ****+
Not Even the Past • novelette by Robert R. Chase
Locked room murder mystery on an orbital elevator. Pretty nice science fiction detective story. Writing is also nice, nothing unforgettable. ***½
The Bookseller of Bastet • shortstory by John G. Hemry
Crystal Night type of uprising against booksellers (and others) on alien planet. Not really sf, except for location. Short, well told mood piece. ***½
Knot Your Grandfather's Knot • shortstory by Howard V. Hendrix
Time travel story, time travel forming a kind of moebius strip, man travels to past and becomes his own grandfather (not literally, as surrogate grandfather). Pretty ok, nothing special or too surprising. ***½
Helen's Last Will • shortstory by James C. Glass
After old woman has died, her sister becomes suspicious about circumstances of her death, as her body has been used for medical experiments, her head has been deep frozen, and what is worst, she has changed her will, and beneficiary is her son, nor even a single million goes for her sister - how inconsiderate, so it is best to sue, and fast. But is there a way ask the opinion of the passed one? Pretty nice story, very irritating and greedy sister character. ***½

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