Thursday, April 23, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact June 2009

Pretty good issue, not a bad story. (This was written in a hurry, I tried to finish my review before my week long trip to Seattle)

But It Does Move • novelette by Harry Turtledove
The story revolves around Galileo’s inquest in Rome. An inquisitor has some pretty modern manners of investigation. The start was very good, but story didn’t really go anywhere, the ending didn’t really deliver. ***½
Chain • novelette by Stephen L. Burns
Robots are second class almost citizens who must endure abuse, and who must obey humans in almost everything. Might contain some fairly heavy-handed allegories, but is pretty good, interesting story nevertheless. Might have been a bit longer, I would liked to learn more about the ranking system among the robot population. Second part might be interesting? ****
Solace • shortstory by James Van Pelt
Two stories connected by something I had to google, if the connection between the stories was really what I was thinking. Another happens on a slower than light space ship which is slowly traveling to another star system, while the passengers spend most of their time in cold sleep, another happens in a mining station during very cold weather. Both parts are very good, well written and moving stories. The mining station part suffers a bit as it apparently is written by someone who has no real experience of really cold climates. You DON’T run out of firewood during the coldest winter - if you do, you are stupid, lazy and most probably very dead. And you _really_ don’t collect the firewood around you habitat on nice weather - fresh wood isn’t really worth much. And there isn’t usually very cold and heavy snowfall at the same time, either or, but not both. ****-
Attack of the Grub-Eaters • shortstory by Richard A. Lovett
Story told by discussion on internet forum. Alien mole men invade! :-) Fun and entertaining story, told by someone who apparently has taken part to a few net forum discussions. ****
The Cold Star Sky • shortstory by Craig DeLancey
The main character must help giant balloon-like creates with attitude problem to recover stranded exploratory vessel too deep in a gas giants atmosphere. A bit old-fashionably styled problem-solving story. Nothing bad, nothing really special, writing ok. ***
Monuments of Unageing Intellect • novelette by Howard V. Hendrix
Might continue an earlier story - I might have read it, as there are some details which feel familiar. Humanity has become immortal, but forever adolescent. But there are a few inviduals who aren’t immortal. A lot of info-dumping in the beginning, gets better towards the end. ***½
The Affair of the Phlegmish Master • novelette by Donald Moffitt
Journeying to past to get a Vermeer’s painting. Naturally there are complications…
Nice, amusing, entertaining story. ****


Jim Van Pelt said...

Hi, Tpi. I found your review on one of the older Analogs by accident, and now I've had a chance to look at the rest of your blog. What a great project! I love the old magazines too.

You're right about my weather mistake in the story. It wouldn't both be snowing and be exceptionally cold.

Unfortunately, though, many of the Colorado miners were eager folks from the eastern United States who had no mining or outdoor experience when they reached Colorado. The number of miners who froze to death in tents, cabins, mill houses, etc. was depressing.

Thanks for taking the time to share your interests with everyone.

tpi said...

Thank you for you comments - it is always nice to hear about someone who reads my blog, especially when the comments come from an author!