Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

Second part of ”Old Man’s War” series.

A talented scientist involved in development of the greatest secret weapons of Colonial Union has defected. With his help three alien species are planning to destroy CU and perhaps the whole mankind.

When defecting the scientist left back a recording of his consciousness. That
recording is used for a clone body, but it doesn't seem to transfer properly, and the mind of the clone seems to be empty. The ”surplus” body is then used as ”gun-fodder” in usual manner. Inevitable happens eventually. But will a personality of a traitor turn into another traitor inevitably? Is that soldier trustworthy? And why would anyone want to scheme for apparent destruction of whole human species?
This is pretty good book, but perhaps not as good as the first part of the series. The main reason is probably that it is easier to identify to a human with a lifetime of experience, than to newly awakened cloned body with computer induced mind and self-awareness. And I really missed the main character of the first book, and kept waiting for him to show up eventually.

The Colonial Union is starting to go towards darker direction this time. In the beginning of the first book it was presented as a shiny defender of mankind, during that book there were already hints about it being something else. In this book the shades of grey are really starting to show, and in the next one it is starting to be increasing unclear just who are the ”good guys” of universe.

Anyway, this was very entertaining book - but next one ( which I read when reading Hugo nominated novels last summer) is better - probably not as good as the
first one. Writing is good and easily read, entertaining.

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