Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi

Tells a story of last year's "Lost Colony" from a different viewpoint. The main character is 17 years old Zoe, who is a stepdaughter of former colonial union soldiers. When her parents are recruited to lead the latest human colony she follows them. But the colonial union isn’t playing with open hand, and there are some pretty sinister plans developing behind the scenes... and it isn’t even so clear-cut who is the enemy.
This book might be classified as a young adult book. In spite of that (or because of that?) it was very nice read, plugging several small plot holes from the Last Colony. Well written, very fun to read and enjoyable book, very much in style (but probably better, at least from perspective on this era) than the best of Heinlein’s juveniles. And it’s better than Last Colony. Even knowing the most plot points beforehand didn’t hurt the book at all. And Zoe - what a wonderful character! Easily in par with Candy from David R. Palmers books - who has been my favorite young female “star” from science fiction for so far.

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