Saturday, August 29, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact May 1992

Only three stories in this issue, as the bulk of the space is taken by a serial, The Modular Man.

Adoption • novelette by J. Brian Clarke
A spaceship has fallen down while making the final approach to the humanity's first colony planet. It almost seems like it was shot down by some strange weapon. Three woman start to travel towards the colony to fetch some help. They encounter some strangely confidence arousing catlike birds.
Very good, interesting story. Nor entirely logical at all places (hard to understand why the alien species has devolved in that degree it has – there shouldn't be any evolutionary force driving it that direction). Anyway, very entertaining tale anyway. Would like to see more stories on the same background. ****
The Golden Life • shortstory by Pete D. Manison
A daughter brings her mother to an old people's home, which uses virtual reality entertainment to make its' residents life comfortable. At the same time social inequity has reached new heights, and a resistance is forming. Very simplistic story in its' solutions, irritating simplistic.**½
The Fundamental Right • novelette by Doug Larsen
The US president election is coming, and the nominees are even worse than usual (another has made himself and his wife to look like Kennedys, and the another is even loonier). The sitting president and his aides conspire to rig the election so that people's real opinions of matters count. The story tries to be a parody, but is a bit too unbelievable, and is a bit too simplistic. **½

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