Saturday, August 15, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact September 1992

Fairly nice issue, all stories were enjoyable.
Human Lives • shortstory by Brian C. Coad
A employee of a factory specializing on carbon and graphite products makes an invention enhancing the production and improving workplace safety. It isn't patented, but is kept as a trade secret. There is also a long story inside story about the history of the company. The story isn't science fiction almost in any way, even the invention involved is very mundane. Very nice story, however. ***
Things Not Seen • novelette by Martha Soukup
A science fiction detective story. How it possible that an important scientist has been brutally murdered in his study when there was an automated robot guard recording everything? Not very surprising. As soon it is mentioned that part of research involved clones, a part of solution is clear. Another part is a totally ridiculous and stupid cheat. Irritating story. **
Invitation to Ecstasy • novelette by Grey Rollins
First contact story. A creature living in space enters to solar system seeking a mate. An observatory in Moon finds its' radio signals and comes to assumption that it is an alien space ship. Pretty good and enjoyable story and even moving.  ***1/2
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry ... • shortstory by David J. Strumfels
Credit card which checks from the future if the purchase will be paid in full. Probability zero story (but not labeled as such, probably due to the length). Mildly confusing ending. **½
Chrysalis • shortstory by Alexis Glynn Latner
A young man who has lived all his life in a closed biosphere. He is forced out by accident, and he is won't be able to return. On the other hand, he isn't too keen on returning, as he wants to see what kind the outside world is. Nice, well written story, but feels like a second chapter from a book. Some background and a LOT of continuation would be nice. ****-

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