Sunday, September 20, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact June 1999

Ok issue, a serial takes a large part of space.
The Trees of Verità • novella by Wolf Read
A sister follows another sister to colony planet light years from earth. The planet has a forest of apparently immortal giant trees. Pretty good and well written story. An important part of the story is the relationship between the sisters, it might even take a bit too large part as the problems between them area bit clichéd. ****-
Uncertainly Yours • shortstory by Bill Johnson
Uncertainty principle in energy production is, well, uncertain. Short, humorous story bordering a Probability Zero story. ***+
At the Zoo • novelette by Rick Shelley
The first zoo specializing only extraterrestrial animals is having some trouble soon after their newest acquisition. Computers are used without permission and so on. The solution the puzzle is just what you think it would be. In spite of that this is pretty good story. The only bad part was a very disconnected subplot involving advertising agency the zoo is hiring for marketing. Like a zoo with extraterrestrial animals would need any advertising? ***½
Time Lines • shortstory by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
Murdering Hitler using a time machine isn't usually very straightforward. Not in this story either. Fairly short comedic story, not too unusual or special. **½

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