Monday, September 14, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact November 2009

Large part of the issue is taken by a serial, which I haven't read yet. Fairly nice issue overall.

Amabit Sapiens • novelette by Craig DeLancey
Continues an earlier story about people who have been genetically modified to plan on longer term. There apparently has been a really long term plan to sabotage an oil well. But how that would help humanity, and will the sabotage suspect be tortured to death? Good, exiting story. I liked earlier story set in the same world, but this was even better. ****
Foreign Exchange • shortstory by Jerry Oltion
The first Mars expedition is about halfway, when the return capsule which was sent earlier to collect propellant from Martian atmosphere returns by itself. When it lands there is an alien inside. What? Who? How? Why? Not very plausible story with some problems with biochemistry, but nice light yarn. ***½
Thanksgiving Day • shortstory by Jay Werkheiser
Expedition which landed to a planet on an another solar systems is failing. They can't grow food, and they aren't able to eat local plants. When food is running out a schism between scientist and workers of the colony is growing. Ok, but the story some troubles with science. I didn't notice any real, good, reason why earth plants could not be grown. And the solution presented – I don't exactly get it, one way it is far too easy in in another far too hard. **½
Joan • novelette by John G. Hemry
A young woman is extremely fascinated with Joan of Arc. When she happens to get access to a time machine, she straight away travels back in time to save Joan from burning. As expected, she is not what could be expected. Fairly nice story, marred with extremely stupid main character with ridiculous puppy love for half-mythological historical character. She is supposed to be over twenty, but behaves like a half-wit 15 year old. ***+

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