Thursday, January 14, 2010

Analog Science Fiction and Fact November 1996

Below average issue.

Fugue on a Sunken Continent • novella by G. David Nordley
A ”sightseeing” trip on an alien planet. Original inhabitants are planning an attack against humans, and a young woman and a middle-aged man find out it more less by accident. The plot seems to be very secondary to the description of the flora and fauna of the world. Some condensing might have been nice. **½
The Spectral Stardrive • shortstory by Jerry Oltion
Another part of the ”astral astronauts” series. Space travel as ghosts. The main characters are still getting used to their predicament. Pretty good story, best in issue, but that isn't saying much. ***+
Foggery • shortstory by Mark Rich
Invasion by plant beings with a hive mind. I wasn't impressed. **½
Voice of the People • novelette by John K. Gibbons
Election story. Two candidates compete with more and more dirty tactics, starting with computerized voting trend analysis, ending with stuffed election boxes. The events happen in a future world where there is a threat of crisis on middle east. (Surprise, surprise), and one candidate is supposed to be about only one who could solve it. The science fiction content is fairly low, and the story is fairly boring, and the main content is political intrigue. **+

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