Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Analog Science Fiction and Fact December 2001

Fairly nice issue. Paint by a mouse to see spoilers.

Navajo Moon-Bird • novella by Fran Van Cleave
The grounds of an Indian reservation's is used for planned private moon exploration launch. Two girls get involved with plans, and even help out to prevent a terrorist attack against the rocket. Very well written. The story is more character based drama, less science fiction, and as such felt slightly overlong. ***½
The Rabbit Hole • novelette by James E. Gunn
Humanity's the first and (only) FTL-ship has entered an worm hole. The problem is that the time doesn't seem to pass at all, and the passengers seem to remember mainly future (and possible) events, but practically not at all of what really has happened. Is there way out? Very fragmented story, slightly hard to follow, but pretty good. ***+
Christmas at Ground Zero • shortstory by Linda J. Dunn
A giant meteor is about to hit earth. An old couple haven't left their home. They'll get some surprising visitors: timetravellers doing genealogical research. Well told, bitter sweet good story. ****-
The Great Miracle • shortstory by Michael A. Burstein
Very short story about humanity's fight against alien attackers- Humanity has been banished to another world, but then has returned to earth. Story told by a grandfather. Too short, too fable like. **½
Tower of Wings • novelette by Sean McMullen
A medieval lady has interest to flying, but that raises some suspicions of witchcraft, and she finds out that her castle is being sieged. Luckily of of the attackers has fallen in love with her, and has planned a demonstration to prove his worthiness: A glider launched by the catapult. ***-
First Contact National Monument • novelette by Rick Shelley
Aliens have visited earth. The left, and they have not returned – at least so far. The aftermath of the visitation somehow triggered an economic depression of all times, and everything has fallen down. There are a few buses, with spare part cannibalized from other buses, going from place to place on the highways which are falling apart. An anniversary of the alien's visit is approaching, and a man whose birthday coincides on the Day of First Contact is making a pilgrimage to the landing site. He meet a lone young woman on the way... Well written, nice story, easily best of magazine. There are a few slight problems – a gallon of fuel is said to cost more than a month's food. But it should be fairly easy to make more that a gallon worth of bio-fuels (alcohol or bio-diesel) from that amount of food. ****

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