Sunday, March 7, 2010

Astounding Science Fiction September 1954

Contains a long novella, Martians, Go Home, which I have read as a novel version. It is pretty good one, but I didn't want to reread it. Otherwise the stories were pretty mediocre.

Mister Pinschur • shortstory by Betty Fuller and Maurice Ogden
I didn't understood this story or its' point at all. The man is hired to go around and ask one question from different people. And that's about it. Doh. I probably missed something. *
The Interlopers • shortstory by Roger Dee
The human race is starting to explore galaxy. The galaxy is filled by very advanced races with extremely advanced technology, but everything has been very stagnant for eons. One very powerful race, T'sai, seems to be running things and is held in extremely high esteem by everyone. The first human colony ship encounter a ship run by T'sai, and is stopped, as humans have not asked permission for taking that planet. The ending is something that can only be found from Campbell's Astounding: The humans are a special race, with real inventiveness and drive, and they will inherit the galaxy after the T'sai has gone. The writing is on a par with the story line. **-
The Easy Way • shortstory by Oscar A. Boch
The children of a family think that they are able to solve the problems of time and space. The father tries to get them to give up such foolishness, but he might be up to some surprises. Very old fashionable attitudes and plot line. The father behaves very strangely – it doesn't matter if his son has invented time machine, he just gets a scolding and a command never to do that again.**

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