Thursday, March 4, 2010

Minding Tomorrow by Luke Burrage

The first book I have read with my new e-book reader, Bebook Neo. It works pretty well, and is nice for eyes, but there are some issues with the battery life. I hope they will be sorted out by a firmware update. Minding Tomorrow is the first book written by Luke Burrage. I have listened his excellent podcast, SFBRP for a long time now. In that podcast he reviews all science fiction books he reads, and it is well worth of download.
This freely downloadable book is ”a near-future, non-linear, multiple-character, science fiction/mystery/thriller novel” The book has multiple viewpoints, and it is non-linear to such degree that telling anything about its' content is a spoiler to some degree. The multiple viewpoints, and especially the non-linearity, caused some confusion in the beginning, but when I was able to sort out the main structure of storytelling, the pieces fell pretty well into their places. There were places, especially in the beginning, where there were a bit too much exposition, but as whole the writing was pretty good, especially considering that this was author's first work. A lot of much worse books have been commercially published.

app. 200 pp.