Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Starcrossed by Ben Bova

A novel Ben Bova wrote after he worked as scientific adviser to a short lived TV-series, Starlost. Namely this is a science fiction book which happens in the future. In reality this is a satire about how a TV production of science fiction and probably low price TV-production works of other kind. The only really science fictional thing in the book was a new 3D systems what was used for the fictional series the book tells about, Starcrossed. (the similarity of titles is probably purely accidental :-) ).The clueless managers manage to destroy all originality and creativity the creators of the series might have had, scripts are written by collage kids who won a writing competition and are ready to work for free, the main actor are chosen by fame and looks and can't even speak clear English, and the main actress is a girlfriend of a producer and is very beautiful but can't really act. Producers care only for money which they don't even have, as they have invested the funds meant for the series to a sport team, but at the same time they are expecting huge profits and critical success. The book was fairly interesting as a “realistic” description of TV work, as science fiction it didn't really work. The mid section of the book was fairly slow, and fairly little was happening. Towards to the end the absurdity of everything grew and grew, and book come funnier and more enjoyable.

223 pp.

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Benn said...

Man, I'd almost forgotten about this book. Though I haven't read one of his novels in years, I'm a fan of Ben Bova and remember loving this book when I read it. I had heard of the TV series, "The Starlost". (Iirc, STAR TREK's Walter Koenig starred in it and Harlan Ellison worked on the show, too.) I knew Bova's novel was related to the series. Great, fun book. I should try to get a new copy of it to re-read. Thanks for the reminder.