Monday, April 4, 2011

Analog Science Fiction and Fact November 2000

A fairly average issue.

Swarming Korolev • [Mike and Linna] • novelette by Dave Creek
Mike Christopher tries to find out why an insectoid alien species with an apparent hive mind has invaded a space habitat, and how it would be possible to defeat them. An above average stories in this series. ***+
Blood Oath • novelette by Pete D. Manison
The asteroid habitats are at war with earth. Those earth citizens who live on the asteroid belt must prove they allegiance by shooting a prisoner of war. A pacifist immigrant (who has lived on the asteroid most of his life) is facing deportation which probably will kill him as he isn't going to kill anyone. A pretty good story with a twist in the end, not very logical twist, but an emotionally satisfying one. ***½
Crow's Feat • shortstory by John G. Hemry
An author travels back in time to meet Shakespeare. As usual, he isn't what was expected. (he considers that his plays are worthless "mid-list" works which aren't worth anything). Fairly worn out idea, execution is all right. ***
Check Flight • novelette by Michael F. Flynn
A part of series involving a female space pilot trainee. A lot of boring technical details of space ships and a crisis which happens during last few pages. The writing was ok, but otherwise fairly dull story. ***-
Tired • shortstory by Michael Bishop
The car tires have artificial intelligence. Perhaps somewhat too much of an artificial intelligence. Very short humorous story. ***
Funny Furry Fellows • shortstory by Mia Molvray
Humans and an alien race have some disagreements on an alien planet. I didn't really get this story. **
Kaddish for the Last Survivor • shortstory by Michael A. Burstein
The last survivor of the Holocaust is dying. That is a huge media event and makes a granddaughter reconsider some of her own choices. Feels like a fragment of a larger story. ***
Starstruck • shortstory by Grey Rollins
For years there have only been computer animated characters in the movies. One director decides to use real persons and causes a new fad in film-making. And his female lead is very attractive, and a friend of director falls for her. And that's about it. A very short and simple story, well told but too little “meat”. ***-
Dangling Conversations • [InterstellarNet] • novelette by Edward M. Lerner
The real message from an another star has finally been discovered. The story concentrates on political wrangling the message causes, and political and religious opposition for sending a reply. Ending is somewhat too neat. Otherwise more interesting that it might sound.***½

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