Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2001

A fairly average issue.

Magic's Price • novella by Bud Sparhawk

A remote farming village is visited my "magicians" who are able to use ancient machines which are found on many farms. Nearby one farm is a strange tower and the magicians want to examine it. A young boy who lives on the farm has always been interested in all sorts of machines, and he is enthralled by the visitors. However, the villagers are very suspicious and are very afraid of all sorts of magic. Everything won't go well...A pretty good story which was well written. The plot was fairly standard but writing was very good. ****-
The Milk of Human Kindness • shortstory by Brian Stableford
It is possible to enhance children with special milks which are able to modify behavior. Parents of a child argue if they are going to modify their child or not. A shortish piece which didn't really grasp me. ***-
Out of the Fire • [Common Universe] • shortstory by Pauline Ashwell
A volcanologist who is examining a volcano which is just about to erupt is rescued by the visitors from the future and drafter for a new job. And that’s about all the plot there is. This might be a beginning of a story, but as such it seemed too short. ***
Wet • [Harrison Chuff and Florenzia Higgins] • novelette by J. Brian Clarke
A tale of an unidentified stealthy alien invasion, which is apparently prevented by unidentified stealthy alien protectors. Not too interesting story which is told as a tale. ***-
One For the Road • shortstory by David Phalen
A man discusses in a bar with a woman about the nature of time. The woman seems to have something in her sleeve – is she the God? I really didn’t get the point of the story. A fairly longwinded discussion story. **½
Creative Destruction • [InterstellarNet] • novelette by Edward M. Lerner
A female friend of a man, who works for a giant company dealing with the sale and distribution of alien technology, is killed in an accident. For some reason she has made him the curator of her will. Later he also receives a time delayed message from her indicating that there might be some foul play involving the company he works for. There turns out to be a wide spread plot.
A pretty good and exciting story which was a pleasure to read even thought I haven’t read all the stories based on the same background. ***½

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