Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goblin Hero by Jim C. Hines

A fantasy adventure where goblins are the ”heroes”. Heroes who tend to be cowards, be very unreliable and are always ready to knife their leader to back at the first opportunity. During the former book, Jig the Goblin found a magical artifact which befriended him with a minor god. Using his power Jig is able to heal diseases and the not infrequent wounds and fractures other goblins have. However, that doesn’t make him too popular, but he is even more unliked than before as the leader of the goblins has more than a share of distrust towards him. When the goblins hear rumors that something strange is happening on the lower layers of the dungeon, it isn’t a surprise that Jog finds himself drafted as “a volunteer” to lead the expedition to find out what is going on. Of course he gets some help: a goblin warrior who seems to be exceptionally stupid even for a goblin, and an old granny who has been taking care of the goblin nursery for years. Eventually, Jig naturally saves the day with a healthy reluctance toward battle and even with some courage.
A very fun book with the very knowing parody of the heroic fantasy genre (even self-knowing, one character has a book about being a hero, and she constantly refers to it). In my opinion this second in series was better than the first one, as it less based on fantasy gaming and more on fantasy literature. It seems that I have to get also the third one sooner or later.

352 pp.

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