Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blackout by Mira Grant

The third and final part of zombie trilogy. Fairly smooth writing as in the first two parts of the series, but has the same problems as the earlier installments. The heroine who died on the first part wakes up in a cloned body. CDC's super science not only has been able to grow a clone body which matures in a few months, but somehow they have been able to record the consciousness and memories from scraps of brain tissue blown on the walls of a car. The male hero mainly sits and ponders for the first half of the book. The good readably and nicely fluent writing conceals that little happens in a large part of the book. The flaws in logic are immense, all characters, especially the bad ones behave in extremely stupid ways, and the main secret they have been protecting is laughably inane. It seems that they are bad just because they are evil and want power. Why they want that power and how they would use it is mostly left open. Also, apparently the super evil CDC from the USA is easily able to control the entire WORLD with their conspiracy. Book which was really harmed by the immense stupidity of plot. I hoped that the final act would have given nice explanations for the logic flaws in the earlier parts, but that didn’t happen, on the contrary, everything was made even stupider. Apparently, the young bloggers are SO trustworthy and popular, that even the word of US president wouldn’t be taken seriously if they wouldn’t be vouching for it – otherwise the ending doesn’t make ANY sense. I guess it DOESN’T make any sense…
And Mira Grant HAS to be a millionaire for all that money she must get from the Coca Cola Company, at least the text advertising for Coke was so irritating and blatant that there could be no other reason.

672 pp.

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Raija / Taikakirjaimet said...

Ja virvoitusjuomamainostus sen kun jatkuu... Minua häiritsi se jo edellisessä kirjassa. Arvostelusi perusteella voin siis ihan vakain mielin olla lukematta kirjaa ilmestyi se Hugo-ehdokkaaksi ensi vuonna tai ei (toivottavasti ei).