Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold,

I decided to read the ”Mirror Dance” by Lois McMaster Bujold. I read a few pages and found that I was pretty much lost as the book seemed to continue a story started in an earlier book. I found out by a short Google search that this was the previous book. When I started this book, I found that I was pretty much lost, as the story first seemed to continue straight from an earlier book. I got over that part soon and found myself really enjoying the story didn't go back to the still previous installment.

Miles Vorgosigan returns as his alter ego, Admiral Naismith, from a secret mission to Cetagandan space. His mission was a great success, and the Cetagandans are _really_ pissed at him. He is ordered to the Barrayaran embassy of Earth in London as himself. Never before the both identities have been so close together, and he is afraid that someone makes the connection between two different characters and learns that the same person is behind both. To explain why there are two deformed, but extremely bright dwarf who look exactly the same he makes up a lie: Admiral Naismith is an illegal clone made from Miles Vorgosigan, who has escaped an unknown party, who created the clone as an attempt to undermine Barrayaran government. However, it turns out that there really IS a clone, which was created for exactly that purpose. And the plan to dispose of the real Miles and replace him is going on.

A very good book, much better than the Cryoburn, which was nominated for Hugo award a couple of years ago. The book was entertaining and full of smooth action, amusing dialogue and entertaining situations. I often like books with cocky heroes and Miles is pretty much the definition of cocky. In a good way. This book makes me look forward to reading the “Mirror Dance” which according to some reviews might be the best one of the series.

352 pp.

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