Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Justice Calling (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress) (Volume 1) by Annie Bellet

Not one of the most common books for me: Urban Fantasy which was apparently mostly aimed for women. I read it as the author was one of those laudable persons, who refrained from a Hugo nomination they got through one or another of the puppy lover's lists.
Jade Crow is a warlock, who is hiding from her former lover. He is a really, really bad guy, who would not love anything more than to eat his former lover’s heart. Jade owns a small comic and game store and has a wide assortment of friends – most of them very geeky. One day a very handsome magical enforcer arrives at the shop. He is a police, judge, jury and executioner of the supernatural world all rolled into one person. He has a premonition that something bad and important is going to happen. And Jade is closely connected to whatever is going to happen. And he has strong suspicions that Jade is going to do something bad. But luckily he is very, very hot. And then a shape shaping mother of some of Jade’s friends has apparently transformed to a stuffed fox. And something magical seems to be happening. They start to investigate what has happened and the cop is able to help. And did I mention that he is incredibly hot?
An interesting read in more ways than one. I certainly haven't ever read any of these types of books: erotic fantasy daydreams meant for female nerds. I don’t belong to the target audience, but the book was light, fun, and geeky with nice pop culture references and enjoyable, even with all the very detailed descriptions of those wonderful abs. Very short, maybe even too short a book. But there are more books in this series...

148 pp.

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