Friday, February 2, 2018

For We Are Many (Bobiverse) (Volume 2) by Dennis E. Taylor

The next part of the adventures is of a nerd whose mind was copied to an interstellar von Neumann probe, and then copied, and copied, and copied. Now there a lot of “Bobs” around, and that is a good thing, as they have a lot to do. Rescuing the last humans from the Earth which is becoming uninhabitable after the last war, terraforming a few planets, being a “god” and guide for a primitive sentient species, and, above all, trying to find a way to defeat another space-faring species that is building a Dyson sphere and is raiding nearby solar systems for all the metal they contain. And at the same time, they kill the possible ecosystems with massive gamma ray bursts and collect all available animal biomass for food. At least two sentient species have already been wiped out by them. So, there is a lot to do - even if some of the later generation Bobs are starting to wonder why they should be so involved in the life of “ephemerals”.

A smoothly-written and entertaining book which continues pretty much directly from where the first part ended, with possibly a bit better writing. The author has probably had more practice, as I believe that the first part of the series was his first published book. I read the whole book from my phone during different sorts of breaks and commutes. The chapters were short and the language was straightforward, making this book ideal for such use. This wasn’t great literature, but reading it was a great way to pass some time.

320 pp

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