Thursday, October 16, 2008

Analog July/August 2002

Okay issue. Not great, not bad. A lot of stories which continue earlier stories, and which don't always completely work alone.

Unseen Demons
Adam-Troy Castro

An alien has been brutally dismembered by an earthman. A official of central government is called to investigate. But how to have a trial for the guilty, when the alien species doesn’t notice humans or any observers of other alien species, or haven’t even noticed the crime.
Ok story, a bit overlong and some condensing might have been very good. Ending is a bit weak, part of the end reveal was fairly obvious, partly just implausible and strange, unnecessary for the sake of the story (as is the whole backstory of the investigator)
Mammoth Dawn
Kevin J. Anderson and Gregory Benford

Mammoths and other extinct animals have been cloned in a remote research facility by millionaire and his wife. Nutso ecofasists stage a practically military grade attack to kill all the “unnatural” animals. Lots of very implausible fighting ensues, and also half-sad ending intended to open tear ducts. Not too well written, much action, but all of it boring. **-
The Great Prayer Wheel
Rajnar Vajra

Tibetan monk encounters an alien vessel - and a bit of surprise why the vessel was visiting. Okayish story, doesn’t make very great impact to me. **½
Iniquitous Computing
Edward M. Lerner

If ubiquitous computing goes too far…
Short short story, entertaining, funny in its’ own way. ****
Falling Onto Mars
Geoffrey A. Landis

Martian “love” story. Excellent story, though too short. ****+
The Convergence of the Old Mind
Larry Niven

Draco tavern story. Pretty simple, short. Older “civilization” than chirpsithra is gathering, and chirpsithra are recruiting travelers for a visit. Less than average Draco tavern story. **½
A Green Thumb
Tobias S. Buckell

Alternative history, where due to metal shortage, cars and appliances are grown, not build. Teenager really wants to have a car. Another very short, ok story. Not bad, not great. ***
Jack McDevitt

Explorers try to save alien books from destruction after an accident in takeoff. A bit “meh” for this also. Seems like a piece from a larger whole. ***-
Shane Tourtellotte

How much more fun movies would be without spoilers from word of mouth, previous screenings or stupid trailers? Very good story, and an invention, which would be really wonderful. ****
The Lone Granger
Jayge Carr

Aliens kidnap a whole village. A lone women decides to be practically catatonic as she doesn’t want to “co-operate” with the enemy. But is there a way get her out of her self-imposed shell. Good story, but not much (or at all) back-story. The motivations of the aliens are left completely open. ****
The Robot Who Came to Dinner
Ron Goulart

Problem solving / being private investigator might be just a bit harder if you happen to be uploaded to a robot body. Another store where back story is missing, and it doesn’t completely work alone. Nothing special, humor isn’t so funny. ***-
Tiptoe, on a Fence Post
B. W. Clough

What if you are transported from 1912 to 2045? Another story which continues an earlier one - however, this works better as a stand alone piece. Well written, but it is funny to see how the year 2045 already feels like it would be something a few years in the past :-). Not much mention about net, computers or cell phones… ****

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