Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Star Trek" Movie Memories

More memories by Shatner, this time the focus is on Star Trek films. Many others, among them Leonard Nimoy and Nicholas Meyer get their chance to give their insights of events. Other actors beside Nimoy won't get their turn, which isn't too surprising for anyone knowing anything about behind the scenes relationships between the actors. The book is told in nice, self-mocking way, although there is always an undertone "I mock myself, but I am not serious about it - in reality I am excellent actor, director and scriptwriter." Especially this can be seen in everything connected with Star Trek V. There is a lot of explaining about that movie. :-) Everything connected with Roddenberry is also interesting. It seems, that he had really "lost it" by the time they started to make movies. His influence was greatest in the first movie. Apparently it was significant also in Star Trek - Next Generation for first two or three seasons. Does anyone see any connection between those? As a whole this was very interesting book, and worthwhile read.

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