Sunday, October 26, 2008

Analog Science Fiction March 1993

Pretty solid issue.
Squatter's Rights (Part 1 of 2) • serial by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
A Human colony has habited a planet for over twenty years, when a fleet of aliens ships arrive demanding the planet for themselves. Pretty standard first part for a very Analogish serial. Very well written, the plot isn’t one of the most original. Promising start, anyway. ***½
The Worting's Testament • shortstory by Rob Chilson
Humans misunderstand planets original inhabitant’s purpose, and they misunderstand humans' purpose. After all, misunderstandings maybe easy, when it’s normal to slaughter one’s offspring. The story is a ”testament” of an alien. Purposefully irritating style, but nice story. ****-
The Ghost in the Machine • novelette by Grey Rollins
Making films by computer graphics with at least semi self-aware characters. Not entirely logical story, already after 15 year a bit past its’ time. Not too well written, bit stiff. ***-
The Return of the Golden Age • shortstory by Jeffery D. Kooistra
A ”spacetug” driver hijacks his vessel and drives it to the moon. Old fashionable, tries to imitate Heinlein? If it would by _so_ easy to fly to the moon someone would have done it earlier. Predictable, okayish. ***
The Alicia Conspiracy • novelette by Doug Larsen
A recently widowed man goes for ”peace corps” work in 3rd world dictatorship. After he gets over his grief, he is able to plant seed for a better health and future for the people of the land. Good, exiting and moving story. The plan for the better nutrition is a ”bit” too easily achieved, but the story is very good nevertheless. ****

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