Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact April 1995

Below average issue. Stephen Burns’ story is very fine, others are pretty average at best.
The Human Animal • novella by Julia Ecklar
Belongs to a series I don’t have any recollections reading any earlier parts, even though I sure have (some fifteen years ago). The background for the story is probably for that reason fairly vague. A sort of law keeper (?) has heard that on an alien space station happens illegal trafficking of earth animals. But she finds out that the animal being shopped around is a bit surprising specimen. I didn’t really get into this story, and it felt overlong. Probably partly because I hadn’t any connection to earlier stories. ***
Capra's Keyhole • novelette by Stephen L. Burns
Wheelchair bound software developer, and his creation, possibly the first true artificial intelligence, face together a threat which endangers them both. A bit slow start, but pretty good story overall. Ending might be the weakest spot. Clearly best story in this issue. I would like to learn more of the characters. ++++
To Learn, To Love, To Live • shortstory by David J. Strumfels
A husband goes through very challenging school, while his wife feels neglected - but with good reason. Another good story, implausible, but if that were possible the world might be a lot better place. ***1/2
Deep Eyes • novelette by Gregory Benford
Tells about insectoid aliens, and probably humans probably battling common foe - or each others, or something. I _really_ couldn't keep my interest on this story. Somehow it felt very much like a continuation to some earlier story, but I wasn't able to find any confirmation for this. I tried, but I wasn't able to finish this one. I might have in wrong mood for this or something. **-
Impossible Alone • shortstory by Mark Rich
What kind of common interests might biologist who is cloning frogs and a space entrepreneur might have? I was not impressed - not very logical or convincing story. ***-
Litter Control • shortstory by T. Jackson King
Freelance photographer sees on a desert road sign which says, that cleaning duty is done by aliens. Hoax or what? Writing is ok, but plot really is not convincing, and feels forced and without any logic. A small town accepts aliens because everyone just takes care of his own things. Urgh. Usually the smaller place, the more interest and less tolerance for unusual behavior. ***

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