Sunday, May 10, 2009

Michael White: Asimov: The Unauthorised Life

Purposed to ”look closely at the man behind the myth”. Seems to be written mainly by using Asimov's autobiographies as a source. The book contains hardy anything which isn't from those volumes (or could not be deduced from them). The "unauthorized" bit seems to be mainly publicity ploy. There also seem to be couple of errors - apparently the author wasn't too careful when he read the source material. If you have read Asimov’s autobiographical books ”In Memory Yet Green” and ”In Joy Still Felt” you really should not bother with this book, and if you haven't read them you should rather go directly to the original works, and not this fairly sloppy condensed reworking which is written in much worse style and contains far less interesting and funny anecdotes. My copy of this book goes directly to bookmooch.

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