Friday, May 8, 2009

To the Stars by George Takei

Autobiography of Star Trek’s Sulu. I have earlier read two of Shatner’s biographies. This one gives a view from “other side” of things. In my opinion, this one is clearly better written, and it isn’t so smug as Shatner‘s books, and gives more honest feel overall.
Mr. Takei starts the by story of his commitment to Japanese-born people’s internment camps during the second World War. That part of the book is very interesting, and even moving. Next he tells about his pre-Star Trek life. The parts about his studies are a bit of drag, and eventually the “real meat” :-), the Star Trek part of his life, takes fairly short part of the book. I personally would have expected more details and material. Well, those things he does tell are for most part fairly interesting, and his non-Star Trek life isn‘t so uninteresting, after all.
One thing which is noticeable is that the book contains hardly anything about personal life. Considering that he come "out of the closet" just recently, long after the publication of this book, it isn’t surprising. But there should be interesting things to be told of that aspect of his life also - I am waiting for expanded second edition of the book.

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