Thursday, July 30, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact May 1965

A bit older issue this time.
Most of the issue is taken by a Dune serial by Frank Herbert. Otherwise fairly mediocre issue.

Trouble Tide • novelette by James H. Schmitz
Modified earth animals are used on a colonized planet as a meat source. Hippopotami which are modified for sea life is probably the most important variety of them. For some reason those animals seem to be disappearing. A pair of researchers start to investigate and they'll find more than they expected... The story contains some extremely implausible biology. The beginning of the story is bit slow, and ending is very rushed (one character just explains to another what happened). Writing is ok, but with some irritating problems – writer intentionally withholds critical information from the reader. **1/2
Planetfall • shortstory by John Brunner
Two youths, one from earth, and one from a visiting sub-lightspeed spacecraft meet. Both are bit jealous of the lifestyle of another. Very well written excellent story. A few problems with logic. If the travel time between stars is decades, why the visit to earth is so rushed that shore leave time is measured in hours? And healthy 19-year-old boy saying "no" for a beautiful and eager girl of the same age? This is science fiction, but there are some limits in believability. :-) ****-
The Captive Djinn • shortstory by Christopher Anvil
The aliens have captured a powerful wizard (who actually is a human visiting the planet). How are they going to imprison such a powerful creature? This story has very strong YA-feel in it. The aliens are modeled on earth cats – far too closely to be believable in any way – up to litter boxes. Mildly entertaining, but nothing special. ***-

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