Friday, July 31, 2009

The Galactic Gourmet by James White

A Sector General book. As most (?) will probably know, Sector General is a giant hospital serving a sort of galactic federation with multi-species patients and employees. This time the main protagonist of the book is a master cook, not a doctor. He is facing next to impossible mission of making hospital food taste great – and he might have even greater task ahead him than he thinks. After some misfortunes he is practically kicked out of the hospital, and he has to join an unusual interplanetary rescue mission, where the feeding habits of a whole planet might need some influencing. Pretty standard James White book, not one of best. The new way at looking at Sector General was refreshing, but at least I felt that the earlier books with more medical slant were more interesting. The best parts of this book were those which were dealing with medical problems. Also, a slight condensing might have this book better - the original Sector General novellas were tight and entertaining, this had a bit too much fluff.

312 pp.

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