Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Analog Science Fiction and Fact December 1995

Not one of the better issues. A large part of the issue is taken by a serial by Lois McMaster Bujold, which I haven’t read.

A More Perfect Union • shortstory by Doug Larsen
Representation in government is done by computer programs. An expert is asked to check the behaviour of one program which might be behaving in an unusual way. A pretty short story with not entirely convincing plot. **½
The Maze • shortstory by Paula Robinson
An alien species invites a pair of human diplomats for a dinner. The aliens seem to have an interest in one special type of human behaviour, reproduction. What to do when asked for a demonstration.. as the aliens are easily offended. Nice, humorous story, a bit too short. Would like to learn more of these characters. ***½
Garbage In, Garbage Out • novelette by Grey Rollins
Another story in the series about two private investigators – one human, and one banana shaped, carrion eating alien. This time a member of another alien species has been killed. But why, as the alien belongs to especially nice and friendly species, and the murdered individual especially was loved by all. Another, nice humorous story. ***½
The Third Wave • novelette by Alexis A. Gilliland
A spaceship which uses nuclear bombs detonated behind the ship for propulsion is being planned. The major point of the plan is to get rid of the nuclear stockpiles on earth. The idea of the story is fairly good, but the story is unbelievably dull. Pages and pages of discussion political implications of the plan, and after that pages and pages pointless discussion the technical details of the plan. Very little seems to happen, I must admit that I just skimmed the end part of the story. *½

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