Friday, July 30, 2010

Analog Science Fiction and Fact February 1971

There have been worse issues, but there certainly have been better ones.

Polywater Doodle • novelette by Howard L. Myers
Seems to continue some earlier story fairly directly, so the beginning was a bit confusing as little back story was given. After that, the story was a pretty straightforward adventure story. The style was extremely pulpish, and it could easily have been written in 40s. Surprisingly lack security, and lunatic method of controlling spaceships. Anyone who happens to stroll along to a super secret, superpowerfull spaceship which have not yet been assigned to anyone can take control it just declaring to be its master. ***
Wrong Attitude • shortstory by Joseph Green
An expedition to another star has found an alien space ship with ftl-drive, which they are taking back to earth. And that is about it. (I was reading this as an electronic file, I “found” from somewhere. When I was reading this story, I thought that it was truncated somehow. As I do have the actual magazine, I dug it up and checked. The story did start from nowhere and ended in about the same place).**
The Claw and the Clock • interior artwork by Leo Summers
An alien fleet wants to conquest a planet which is inhabited by apparently completely pacifistic humans. They happen to have something in their back pocket – very literally. Campbell style story where resourceful humans beat aliens easily. ***+
The Pickle Barrel • shortstory by Jack Wodhams
An expedition from Mars is returning and has a lot of trouble with their life support system. They are able to adjust, until they return to earth...
Pretty stupid story with stupid ending.**+

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