Saturday, July 31, 2010

Astounding Science Fiction December 1959

Not as bad as the issues from the beginning of fifties I read a while ago.

I have two copies of this issue (this is the main reason why I picked this issue for reading; I was traveling and wanted to have with something I could lose without actually losing something from my collection). So, I declare a competition. I will mail a copy of this issue to someone who asks for it, selected in random. So, if you want to have a copy, send me an email to, with subject line "Astounding" . After a month (end date 30th August 2010) I will select a winner in random, and I'll send the issue anywhere in the world post paid.

The Destroyers • novelette by Randall Garrett
A peasant in a feudal world is living a peaceful life when the world is invaded by off-worlders. The story goes about where I was excepting. Well told, readable story, but not consistent at all places. (If/ when the purpose of the invasion is to liberate a backward world, the tactics used by the invaders are not realistic or believable). ***½
The Big Fix • novelette by George O. Smith
Mixture of psi-powers, horse-racing and betting. Written in style of a hard-boiled detective story which is taken to ridiculous lengths. I even wondered if the story was meant as a parody, but I seriously doubt that. Extremely uninteresting story, which is not too well written. *+
Mating Problems • shortstory by Christopher Anvil
A colony on an alien planet has some trouble with a dangerous plant and with a wife and some daughters of obnoxious tourist, who got himself killed and at the same time manages to kill several of the females of the colony. There might be a way to kill two birds with one stone. ***+
Tell the Truth • shortstory by E. C. Tubb
An apparently violent alien race wants to test one single human to see if the humanity is a potential threat which should be destroyed, a potential ally, or just a nuisance to be ignored. A very typical Campbell story where humanity is always better and more cunning than any alien race. ***+

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