Monday, July 26, 2010

Galaxy Science Fiction June 1953

Ok issue, some pretty old-fashionable stories, but even they were fairly entertaining.
Tangle Hold • novella by F. L. Wallace
A criminal gets a replacement skin after accident. The skin is much better and more durable than the original one, but when the next robbery turns out to be a stake-out by the police, he starts to suspect that there is a some sort of monitoring device built in the skin. Fairly bad idea, and when the ”hero” is a common criminal, there isn't really anyone the root for. The police has some fairly harsh methods, but that doesn't make the planned robberies any more acceptable. The writing isn't too good either and the story felt really overlong. **
The Water Eater • shortstory by Winston K. Marks
A guy ends up creating a water eating creature after some experimenting with oil, lye and soap. Short and fairly amusing story. ***+
Warm • shortstory by Robert Sheckley
A recursive story which ends to its beginning. The plot either involves the ultimate solipsism, or someone going mad and ending catatonic. ***
We Don't Want Any Trouble • shortstory by James H. Schmitz
Aliens want to visit earth. Their representative is captured. It claims that they should not be bothered, and they can not be harmed at all. To prove that false someone shoots and kills the alien, but unfortunately that has some unforeseen consequences. (the alien can jump to other persons taking over their mind)***
First Lady • novelette by J. T. McIntosh
Two agents of Terran Control are escorting a young woman to be a First Lady of a new space colony. Apparently living in space causes some sort of strange Lamarckian evolution to happen, and sometimes the children which are born in a colony are not completely human, but are more evolved for the planet they are living on. And for some reason that is horribly bad. So it is very logical that the first million or so colonists are all male, and they build most of the infrastructure, and then the first woman is brought on, she gets pregnant, and child will be tested. If the child is completely human, the colony will go on, if it is not, the colony will be abandoned. It probably would too simple to test for viability of children first, and then built the colony. Considering that the premise is totally lunatic, story was fairly ok. ***-
If You Were the Only -- • shortstory by Richard Wilson
Tale of two robots who are made to look completely human and to behave practically identically to humans. After that breakthrough, they are just put to the warehouse, as there is a war going on and resources are needed to “more vital” things. They happen to wake up in the warehouse, and live there until their (power runs out). A pretty pointless story. **
Colony • novelette by Philip K. Dick
A spaceship is examining a new planet for colonization, and it seems that the planet is absolutely perfect – there is nothing dangerous on the planet at all. Until a microscope tries to strangle a scientist using it. An early story by Dick, where themes he later used for good effect can already be seen. What is real, and what is not? Very good story, the writing is still a bit clumsy. ****-

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Maryturzillo said...

How weird! I was just telling my husband about that Sheckley story ("Warm") this morning. It made a big impact on me.