Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Resistance by J.M. Dillard

Another media tie-in. After reading two Star Trek book within a few month, I believe that I won’t be touching this stuff for some time. For decade or so.
I got this book from a friend who had liked it a lot. I wasn’t too fond of it, in fact I think this was a fairly lousy book.

The Enterprise meets with the Borg, again. Picard starts to hear the voice of the Borg collective. He goes against them against the direct command from the Starfleet. The Borg cube is being finalized, and it is just a matter of hour before the new queen is awoken, and the cube start its way to destroy earth. It turns out that the only way to combat them is that he turns again to Locutus. For some reason the cube is conveniently manned only with a skeleton crew and most of the drones are hibernating. ( I wonder who is finishing the building of the cube). The writing style of the book is very irritating. There is a lot of exposition of earlier events, and there is A LOT of internal monologue where characters reminisce of old events and mull over what is happening for them. Sometimes everything stops for several pages worth of this. If all that fluff would have cut away, this might have been a pretty interesting story, but it would have been just of novella after that, not a novel. That isn’t the only thing which is wrong with the book. The writing isn’t too good, the characterization has some severe problems, there are far too many superfluous references to the episodes of the TV-series, probably only for the more enthusiastic fans sake.

306 pp.

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